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Collision Division: Lawmakers cross party lines to address disparity in vehicle safety

Efforts in both the House and Senate look to modernize and equalize crash test dummies

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration has shown in recent studies that automobile crashes in 2020 have increased by 7%. In comparison to 2019, the estimated count of 38,680 deaths occurred in 2020 showing a crash with a fatality occurs approximately every 14 minutes despite less driving from the pandemic.

Safety Standards in the United States rely mostly on male test dummies, but crash data have shown that female drivers are more likely to be severely injured or killed more over that of a male driver in the instance of a crash.

After published reports from Gray Television Washington News Bureau and InvestigateTV stating the issues of the NHTSA’s 5-Star Safety Programs, the lawmakers of Capitol Hill have started to make efforts in updating testing procedures to make it more equal.

To further read up on this article By Emily Featherston, Jon Decker, Lee Zurik and Jamie Grey, please click on the link below.

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