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​     NCTI offers Accident Reconstruction Reports, Site Documentation, Vehicle Damage Analysis, Trial Preparation, Evidence Storage and more...
Expert Testimony


     Expert Testimony: Michael S. Gillen, founder of NCTI, has investigated over two thousand traffic collisions since beginning as a police officer in 1977. As originator and supervisor of the Baton Rouge Police Traffic Homicide Unit, Sgt. Gillen was directly responsible for the investigation and reconstruction of all collisions containing fatal and/or life threatening injury.

     Armed with over 38 years of practical experience and over one thousand hours of formal training, Mr. Gillen frequently testifies in criminal and civil proceedings as an expert witness in traffic reconstruction.


Site and Vehicle Exams


     Vehicle and Site Exams are performed on location by our NCTI team, or in our lab, where we collect and utilize the data from: computerized survey instruments, surface friction tests, photographs, drive thru video, evaluate MUTCD compliance, research (weather, sun and moon data, aerial photography, recalls, technical service bulletins, defects), Global Positioning Satellite Systems, Ball Bank Testing and Acceleration, detailed measurements, inspections (tires, headlamps, seat belts, airbags, air brakes), and pre-crash black box technology.

Exhibit Production


Our court exhibit production department is ready to meet all of your trial presentation needs. We can produce, edit, and dub videos in DVD and VHS formats. Our presentation includes Power Point presentations, Photo Enlargements ( up to 36" by 48" Color or B&W), Photo Duplication, Binding (documents and photos), Document Enlargement and Duplication, Foam Board Mounting and Laminating. We also utilize computer aided drafting software to create Scale Diagrams (2D and 3D), Computer Animation and Graphs/Charts.

Case Specifics

NCTI investigates and tests case particulars that play a role in a collision scenario, i.e. tire contact with roadway surface or hydroplaning. We conduct cross section analysis of roads since pavement  edge drop off and ditch slope can become a critical roadway defect in some case studies. We also utilize headlamp inspections and perception reaction time calculations to determine visibility.


We tailor our research and approach to the specifics of the case. In addition to our primary services, NCTI also employs associate experts in specialty fields such as: Aerial Photography, DNA, Metallurgy, Railroad, Police Policy and Procedure, and Highway design on an as-needed basis.



On Call Response


NCTI's On Call Response Team provides site and vehicle examinations and is available 24/7 with guaranteed activation within 4 hours of notification. Our emergency response vehicles are fully equipped and diesel powered for response to the scene of major collisions. Our self contained response unit is outfitted with digital communication and fax, computerized and manual survey equipment, 35 mm cameras, digital cameras, video recorders, traffic control devices and a full array of tools that include air brake pressurization system, vehicle jacks, flood lights, and surface measuring instruments.

Our fly team is also available to respond anywhere and anytime.

Evidence Storage


Preservation of physical evidence is enabled through NCTI' s secure, bonded, climate controlled facility made exclusively available to our clients for storage of evidence critical for litigation.

Most evidence involved in traffic accidents is taken to un-secure, outdoor facilities where it is exposed to the elements and subject to potential tampering or spoliation (​the intentional, reckless, or negligent destruction, loss, material alteration or obstruction of evidence that is relevant to litigation).

NCTI has addressed this costly problem by developing a systematic solution for the preservation of physical evidence. Whether a document, tire, headlamp, or an entire vehicle, NCTI can ensure that your case evidence is properly preserved.


​Our 40,000 sq. ft. climate controlled facility features dedicated viewing rooms and inspection areas as well as a computerized inventory.


Crash Data Retrieval


​In conjunction with our vehicle examination and damage analysis, NCTI is now offering a new and advanced technological service.The CDR System collects the information stored in the airbag sensing and diagnostic module, interprets relevant portions, and presents it in easy to understand graphical and tabular formats.

Crash Data Recorded: Vehicle Speed, Engine Speed, Throttle Position, Brake Status, Seat Belt Status, Delta V (Crash Pulse)

Heavy Truck ECM Download


In addition to crash data retrieval for personal vehicles, NCTI has the ability to download ECM data from Heavy Trucks to better assist in your preparation for trial. Data retrieval and interpretation can be scheduled along with the vehicle inspection.



FARO 3D Scanner


​NCTI is proud to announce the latest addition to our technological arsenal, the FARO laser scanner. NCTI will utilize the precise digital replicas of vehicles and roadways provided by the FARO laser scanner in color photographic panoramas, 3D model diagrams, and detailed walkthroughs for courtroom presentation.The FARO laser scanner captures 360 degrees of data at a speed of 976,000 points per seconds, allowing us to record 28 million measurement points in 6 minutes. NCTI can now document vehicle damage and crush faster and more accurately. This survey instrument is also lightweight and easily portable, allowing us to capture all of the details of at-scene evidence at any accident site. 

3D Printing

NCTI now has the capability to produce 3D models of vehicles and scenes to aid in courtroom and deposition presentations. Modeled using data from our FARO 3D Scanner, our models can represent the exact damage done to vehicles involved in specific cases. 



3D Reconstruction Animation


NCTI uses the latest Faro Reality 3D Collision software along with a suite of other professional software such as Adobe Premier, CC Animator and others. Production of precision 3D reconstruction animations can include a combination of Faro 3D Scanner Data/Imagery, high resolution aerial drone footage, Total Station measurements and any other video evidence for compelling visual collision reconstructions.

An accurate video depiction of a collision based on documented evidence and accepted scientific calculations by Reconstruction Technicians is a powerful tool in any courtroom.

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