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Flashing Yellow Arrows Help Keep Traffic Moving

A new design of traffic light has come to East Baton Rouge Parish and is designed for getting drivers through intersections quicker. April 2021, the first light was erected on Hooper and Mickens intersection near Central and will soon be all over the parish. There will be 70 new flashing yellow turn signals installed in single left lanes.

Steady red arrows must stop and wait; steady yellow arrow means stop if you can safely; the flashing yellow arrow will mean that the driver can proceed with a left turn after yielding to any pedestrians or oncoming traffic; green arrow means to proceed with left turn while opposing traffic is being held. These upgrades are part of a federal standard for implementation of signals.

Fred Raiford who is the director of transportation and drainage for EBR parish says “Today’s society, everybody is in a hurry there’s no question about that. You got to be there within seconds and when you are trying to make these turning movements sometimes when cars are coming, it ends up being serious accident.”

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