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About Us

Founded by Michael S. Gillen in 1993, NCTI is a private accident reconstruction firm located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. NCTI maintains a full time staff and facility dedicated to the technical investigation and reconstruction of traffic collisions in the greater Southeastern United States.
Our Mission

To provide an unbiased and qualified collection, preservation and accurate interpretation of physical evidence associated with traffic collisions.

About NCTI

National Collision Technologies Inc. (NCTI) is a private corporation specializing in the technical investigation and reconstruction of traffic collisions.

Our firm has been conducting accident reconstruction in the private sector since 1993. We serve both plaintiff and defense firms and have provided expert testimony in Federal, Military, State and local courts that include reported cases in which our expertise was upheld by the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Our in house capabilities include:

• On-Call Response
• Site Inspections utilizing computerized survey equipment
• Vehicle Damage Analysis and Documentation

• Drone Aerial Photography, Video, Scanning 

• Computer Crash Analysis

• Total Station Survey
• Scale Diagrams, 2D or 3D, up to 36”x48” format
• Video Documentation and editing with text overlay
• Still Photography in 35 mm or digital format
• Laminated Foam Board Court Exhibits
• PowerPoint Presentations
• Evidence Storage

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