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Case Specifics

With over 25 years of experience, NCTI has worked cases involving pedestrians, motorcycles, railroads and more...


NCTI investigates and tests case particulars that play a role in a collision scenario, i.e. tire contact with roadway surface. Hydroplaning might be central to a case.  Hydroplaning can be expected to occur for speeds above 45mph in water at depths of as little as 0.1 inch over a distance of thirty feet.


Headlamp Distance

Headlight dissipation over distance is a crucial factor during night and low visibility conditions.  What is conspicuous to a driver **FT in front of their vehicle?



Perception Reaction Time 


Driver PRT is an important factor in most cases.  The average PRT is 1.5sec under optimum driving conditions.  Lesser conditions increase this time.




Lamp Exams

Lamp examinations determine whether a filament was incandescent at time of accident.



Cross Section Analysis 


Pavement  edge drop off and ditch slope can become a critical roadway defect in some case studies.





A case might involve a railroad crossing for which the locomotive recording device as well as railroad specific signage becomes significant.  The locomotive recording device provides a detailed printout with speed, time, distance, etc up to the moment of impact.




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