Our Team

NCTI's support staff includes graduates in: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Survey and Drafting, Crash Data Retrieval, Heavy Truck ECM Download, and Graphic Design/Video Production
Michael S. Gillen
President and Founder


   A retired Baton Rouge City Police officer, Mr. Gillen has been investigating traffic collisions since 1977. Armed with over 1,000 hours of formal training and over 38 years experience, he frequently testifies in criminal and civil proceedings as an expert witness in traffic reconstruction. Since founding NCTI in 1993, Mr. Gillen has worked over 1500 cases, personally overseeing the continuing development of the company. ​

Michael Raymond
Senior Reconstruction Technician


  A graduate of Louisiana State University's Mechanical Engineering program and having completed over 300 hours of accident reconstruction specific training at Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, Michael is a member of both the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Society of Automotive Engineers. Michael brings his knowledge of current educational methods to his work at NCTI.

Hiram Purser
Reconstruction Technician 

A graduate from the University of Alabama, Hiram is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Hiram brings his experience in the automotive industry and on land surveying teams to his work at NCTI.

Kate Byrne
Office Manager

     Kate is a graduate of Louisiana State University in History and Philosophy and of Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans for her M.A.. As NCTI's Office Manager, she is responsible for daily management of operations at the company's 40,000 sq. ft. facility. Kate oversees all NCTI’s accounts: invoicing, payment processing, providing estimates, and communicating with clients as our company’s contact for accounts payable and accounts receivables. She also acts as NCTI’s human resources manager, developing policy and coordinating human resource activities, such as employment and benefits.

Stephen Webster
Reconstruction Technician 


   A graduate of Southern University's Civil Engineering program, Stephen brings his expertise in Traffic and Materials Engineering to NCTI. Stephen is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers with work experience in asphalt testing.

Susan Cunningham
Research Librarian

As our research librarian, Susan, conducts NCTI's case research and works closely with our technicians to ensure that each case has its specific needs addressed. She also oversees NCTI's extensive in-house research library and database.

Ethan Leger
Project Manager 

Ethan is a graduate from Louisiana State University Paralegal Studies program and earned his bachelor's degree in History. As Project Manager, Ethan ensures that our clients' needs, expectations, and deadlines are met on a continual basis. He works closely with both our clients and our technicians scheduling work assignments, depositions, trials, and overseeing casework. Ethan oversees our evidence and vehicle storage system which provides systematic tracking of chain of custody for evidence held on behalf of NCTI's clients, thereby eliminating spoliation concerns.

Wesley d'Aquin
Reconstruction Technician 

Wesley graduated from Southeastern University with a bachelor's degree in Industrial Technology. Specializing in Drafting and Design, Wesley brings his expertise in CAD Drafting and 3D Modeling to his work at NCTI.

Raymond Jackson
Fleet and Facilities Maintenance  

Raymond oversees the daily maintenance and upkeep of our 40,000 sq ft facility and fleet of on-call rapid response vehicles.